Honour Killing | QB

The recent death of Qandeel Baloch by her brother in the name of honour was just another incident in a long list of crimes against women by misogynist masquerading as honourable men. It disgusting how (some or quite a chunk of) men in Pakistan believe that killing a woman just because she did something that they found dishonourable.

How can Pakistani men kill women with hands that they use to masturbate to Nadia Ali, Mia Khalifa, Sunny Leone and any number of famous porn stars that become their fancy. What is worse is that people on the net are typing in favour of the brother who killed his sister. They are all a bunch of wankers who have no honour. These people don’t deserve to be heard they ought to be shamed in social media for their hypocrisy. We need to show people the double-standards they bathe in and then complain about other people.

Pakistani people do not have any sense of reflecting on their actions. All the people just do things and then expect no one to contradict them or show them the mirror. By the way this is not just a problem of Pakistan it is the problem of all honour cultures around the world. Qandeel Baloch did not do anything illegal like murder, rape or theft. She was only controversial to those who were thin-skinned rednecks of their country or nation or whatever. The murder of Qandeel Baloch is the reason why nations stagnate, when critics are silenced civilisation ceases to progress. When debates are shut down stupidity becomes the norm.

If third wave feminists need a cause then Qandeel Baloch could be a starting point for them and then start talking about all the atrocities done to women in the poor countries, oh I am sorry, I mean developing countries. These developing countries showing that not only are they financially bankrupt but they are also morally bankrupt one of the basic foundations for having a prosperous future.

Unfortunately this death will be treated as just another incident a number to add onto the statistic and that’s all. Responsibility over.

If I were to give the middle east regressive an advice it would be to start reflecting on how pathetic their lives are, they live a life of constant fear, from terrorists, from insecure family member that might kill them for money, honour or bad quality alcohol (that’s right death related alcohol may not come out as statistic they do come out none the less).

In a country where people are quick to moralize others while being guilty of the same crime and then blame all the nations woes on some Jewish-Christian conspiracy is astounding. Not taking responsibility for their actions also means you give up power because power and responsibility are the two faces of the same coin. Whenever you take one away from the other the other comes back to stick to its partner.

Wake up and realise how big of a monster you have become by letting others tell you how to live your life rather than listen to your own inner conscience that may tell you that you are being lied to. Don’t rejoice at the death fo your enemy. If you support tyranny against another group then don’t complain when you become the victim of tyranny you perpetuated and supported. Wake up before you go to permanent sleep because dead men don’t talk.


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