Trump vs MSM

As the result came out the main stream media and parts of the alternate media expressed their shock at Trump victory.

Trump’s victory so shook the people in the left that there is a hashtag going around with saltmininginc.

Apart from Hillary R. Clinton who else lost

  • Social Justice Warriors
  • Feminists
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Cuckservatives
  • The Young Turks
  • Clinton News Network
  • Soros
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Leftists Ideologue
  • Socialists
  • Communists
  • Third World War

On the flip side the winners of this election result are

  • InfoWars
  • Scott Adams
  • Stefan Molyneux
  • Mike Cernovich
  • Breitbart

There are plenty of more but I will keep the bolg short as usual.


Obama’s Killer Legacy

Barack H. Obama became the President of the USA using the slogan hope and change. Well little did we know he meant hoping to become George W. Bush and change himself into a worse president then George W. Bush. So lets see what kind of things will Obama be remembered for

Here’s the kill list

How many abuses does it take before the people realise how the USA’s people have been sleep walking into a leviathan whose end goal is an authoritarian government. Wake up while you still have time or else face the consequences of your inaction to creeping tyranny masquerading in the name of “security”. As a side only prison can offer perfect security, oh wait, they aren’t secure either.

Sultan Erdogan

Sultan Erdogan initially supported the alAssad regime during the Arab Spring but then quickly changed its foregn policy

The Turkish Foreign Ministry initially recommended not getting involved, but Prime Minister Erdoğan, perhaps vainly, saw Turkey’s potential role as decisive and gradually became more engaged in the developing conflict. [Click For Full Article]

Phantom F-4

The downing of Turkish Plane F-4 Phantom by Syrians in June of last year must have come as a surpise to the Turks. But how the whole event unfolded must have hurt Sultan Erdogan even more as can be read here.

But the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu let the world know what the Turkish Govt (or Sultan Erdogan) was thinking as can be seen below

But then the foreign minister started deviating (or not) from the script. He stressed, “No matter how the downed Turkish jet saga unfolds, we will always stand by [the] Syrian people”. And this; “We will always stand by Syrian people until the advent of a democratic regime there.” Forget about the F-4 Phantom; the “Syrian people” may sleep soundly because the heart of the matter remains regime change. [Click For Full Article]

Neo-Ottmonism in Iraq

While the Turkish Opposition parties don’t want Erdogan to go into Syria, with or without American support, but rather to move into Iraq

Instead, they said, launching a full-scale, deep and lasting land forces operation into northern Iraq would be a better use of resources and soldiers’ lives in order to put an end to the Kurdish separatist violence. [Click For Full Article]

24 November 2015

With the blessing of the USA (USAF F-15s) the Turks (F-16s) downed the Russian (Su-24).  So what happened?

The Turkish Air Force contends they warned the Russian aircraft 10 times over a span of 5 minutes before their jets opened fire. Visibly furious, Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to the Turkish version of events by calling the incident a “stab in the back by terrorist helpers.” [Click for Full Article]

The Turks claim that the Russian Plane entered Turkish airspace fopr 2-3 seconds while the Turks warned the Russians plane for 5 minutes. It smells so much like an ambush. Putting everything in perspective the Turks had a certain moral high ground until Sultan Erdogan dropped this bomb

… Ankara had not recognised the aircraft as Russian when it shot it down. [Click for Full Article]

There are plenty of news and analysis over this incident of the Russain downed plane as one can see here and here. Both discussing how the events are transpiring and what possible outcomes there can be.

Could this be part of the incidents that will later be regarded as the Archduke Franz Ferdinand assasination. Only time will tell. However Sultan Erdogan seems to be doing the wrong things and the world is beginning to see aspiration of a Sultan in Erdogan from buying oil from the ISIS/ISIL to cracking down on legitimate critics, protesters and reporters to down right “massacre” of Cizre.

At this point I would love it if Sulatan stopped hearing the voices of his advisors or any voices he might be hearing in his head. hee needs to take a vacation and let the other people in the government handle this problem along with the international community.